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Idea Group

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About Us

The Idea group has been founded in order of to create the centralized management and the aim of company is to provide integrated solutions in the field of human resources and training.
The strategy of Idea Company is identifying and mechanization of the training process for organizations and industries with systematic approach to this process and the interaction between subsystems of staff training and with the design and perform of these systems in the field of information technology.
Integrated management of education Software of Idea, in addition of providing the educational sub-processes (planning, perform, evaluation, effectiveness and monitoring) the strategies for operate and implement of sub-processes systematically and in terms of international standards of education (ISO 10015, IWA2)
This company is relying on the modern management and experts who are familiar with the implementation of human resources and with a decade of experience in various industries have great strides towards realizing mechanization process has taken training organizations and educational services. In addition to Order to respond for the needs of corporate training launch and implementation of e-learning courses has production units

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